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Business Feature in The Montanian
1-17-18 by Ashley South
Three months ago, an inspiring idea came to life with a simple thought that Libby needed an art hub. John Bursell wanted to create a space that allowed all artists to gather and share what inspires them. Growing up as a Libby local John had traveled to Denver to peruse an education in Art. After spending fourteen years in Denver, John decided to move back to his home town to establish some roots and have a family. “Libby is a place of community and it really feels like home” said John.

Not long after relocating John started working for the Kootenai Valley Record and then Frames Unlimited. Learning from these wonderful businesses John decided it was time to follow his dreams and open his own Art Supplies Business. Where it all began was The Tungsten building located on Hwy. 2 in Libby. “Since I moved back, I noticed there is no place to buy good art supplies or a place for artists to gather and I wanted to create a space for artists of all skill levels” said John. Starting small Libby Art quickly out grew its original space. Taking a step-in faith John relocated his business to 521 California Avenue in Libby where customers have plenty of space to browse and there is a large room to teach art classes. “My family and I were blessed with this opportunity to share with the community”.

Libby Art offers a plethora of supplies, classes for all ages and mediums, Bible study, personal art lessons, graphic design, and coming soon an art club! Looking forward, Libby art would like to be an art supplier to many in the area and expand relationships in the art community. Eventually John would like to start art classes with the Libby Care Center, Mental Health patients, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, Girl and Boy Scouts, and 4H. “I take more of a historical aspect to art, I want to teach the history and teach about the multitude of mediums used in the art world” said John. Gift certificates are available and special orders on all art supplies from inexpensive to top brand names can be made.

The Colorado Institute of Arts, Denver, Colorado 1996
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Visual Communications

Lincoln County Campus- Flathead Valley Community College Libby, Montana 2007

Minneapolis Community Education, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2009

The Montanian, Graphic Designer- Libby, Montana 2018
Designed advertising for local businesses to be displayed in the newspaper.

The Printing Press, Graphic Designer- Libby, Montana 2007 and 2015 to 2017
Designed postcards, business cards, posters, newspaper advertisements, newsletters, barcodes, raffle tickets, banners, brochures, complete type setting, customer service, copy machines, laminate documents.

Melissa Ivy and the Gentlemen, Denver, Colorado- 2006
Developed new look for local Denver bands' marketing, merchandise, and web presence. Designed a new line of CD packaging, posters, fliers, and website through a combination of photography, digital graphics and text.

The Western News, Paste Up Artist , Libby, Montana 1989 to 1990
Manually measured, marked, cut, waxed, and pasted up headlines, text, photographs, illustrations, advertisements, filed repeat client advertisements, created cartoons for the publication.

"My buddy from church is opening an art supply store this week, with classes to come down the road. Hope everybody supports him; he's a Christian, a family man, an art major, and just an all around great guy!! Pretty gutsy steppin out on his own... God's got his back, how could he fail??"
Sharlyn Marie Myers Fitchett

"Good selection, and very reasonable prices. The owner is super nice, and very helpful. He really took into account what people want and can afford. I highly recommend!!"
Amanda Montgomery

Other Recommendations:

"I am sending a quick note to tell you about John Bursell, who has recently moved to your area and is looking for a job. I have known John both as a co-worker and as an employee (we worked in the same Specialty department together and I became the TL of that department) and believe that he is a thoughtful and interesting individual who exhibits a great deal of integrity. He has several years of grocery experience and is quick to adapt, both socially and to a variety of work environments."
Kelda Aandahl
Back Up In Store Systems Coordinator
Whole Foods Market Cherry Creek

John Bursell
Owner/ Management
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