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I am a comic book artist, graphic designer and dreamer. I grew up in Libby, Montana and moved to Denver, Colorado in 1992. I lived in Denver for 14 years. I earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Visual Communications from The Colorado Institute of Art in 1996. 
I am looking forward to teaching art classes, working on graphic design solutions and sourcing the best arts and craft supplies for the Libby, Troy and Eureka area.

Melissa Ivy and the Gentlemen- Developed new look for local Denver bands’ marketing, merchandise, and web presence. Designed a new line of CD packaging, posters, fliers, and website through a combination of photography, digital graphics and text.

The Printing Press/ The Kootenai Valley Record- Designed postcards, business cards, posters, newspaper advertisements, newsletters, barcodes, raffle tickets, banners, brochures, complete type setting, customer service, copy machines, laminate documents.      

John Bursell
Owner/ Management
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